TCI's "At Home" Basic Tree Climbing Course

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TCI's “At Home” Basic Tree Climbing Course (AHBTCC) makes tree climbing instruction convenient and available to anyone with access to a safe climbing tree and a computer.

Though we believe that hands-on training is best, this course makes it possible for people whose budget or calendar is limited to learn in your own tree and at your own pace – without sacrificing safety or the quality of instruction. It has all the elements of the TCI on-site Basic Tree Climbing Course -- except an instructor by your side. Like the on-site course, this is a practical course which emphasizes climbing safety in all aspects of the activity. The course is written for recreational climbers, but it's also useful to landscapers, who may want to be able to get into the treetops for minor pruning tasks, roofers, hunters, and others.

Our unique program has two components:

1 - DVD (hard copy or streaming): The first component is our DVD, “Tree Climbing Basics," a thorough and easy-to-follow practical guide to climbing. It is taught by TCI Founder Peter “Treeman” Jenkins, the “father" of recreational tree climbing. In it, Treeman shows you:

  • How to place a rope in a tree
  • How to tie all the knots properly
  • Ascending and descending techniques
  • How to set up multiple “pitches” in a tree to climb high into the canopy
  • Other visual examples and demonstrations of the written materials.

2 - Online course manual for doubled-rope technique (DdRT) climbing with detailed, illustrated chapters on:

  • Climbing safety and safe climbing conditions
  • Tree selection and inspection
  • Understanding tree climbing gear
  • Troubleshooting your climbing system
  • Climbing ethics

Take this course at your own pace. You can watch the DVD first, or read through the online manual before you tackle the practical skills. Either way, by reviewing both parts of the program carefully and practicing often, you will become a good, safe climber with unlimited opportunities for treetop adventure.

The online BTCC Manual is available on its own for $49.95. The entire course package price is $89.95, which includes the DVD (streaming or shipped for free) plus membership in TCI with all its benefits.

GEAR: TCI has designed two tree climbing gear kits for beginning climbers. We wanted to make it easy for you to purchase gear. After all, there's so much out there to choose from! If you are going to climb for fun, we suggest our pdfGEAR KIT FOR RECREATIONAL CLIMBERS, which also lists items for folks who want a kit for advanced climbing. If you are just starting out in tree work, we suggest our pdfTCI CLIMBING KIT FOR ENTRY-LEVEL TREE WORKERS. Both kits are sold by (recreational kit and tree workers kit) and WesSpur (recreational and tree workers kits).

TO PURCHASE: If you want to purchase this course, please register on our website first, then purchase the "At Home" Basic Tree Climbing Course in the Education section of our store.

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